Awareness Days – how to use them in your PR strategy.

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Since being established to highlight charitable causes, awareness days have grown in popularity and now there are numerous dates – some with a serious, educational aim, and others are quite whimsical.

Awareness days can be a great engagement tool for your organisation. They can:

  • help you to plan your social media activity.

  • be an opportunity to support your favourite causes and share your values

  • provide content for your blog or newsletter

  • give a different perspective on a well-knownAwareness Days subject

  • get you coverage – awareness dates form the backbone of the editorial calendar of many publications

  • bring you a new audience – be sure to use the associated hashtags to enable you to join in the conversation on social media.

Some awareness dates will be an obvious fit for your organisation, others allow you to be creative.

For example, August 19 is World Orangutan Day. The demand for soy and palm oil is causing the destruction of the rainforest where orangutans live. It’s a great opportunity to promote local, sustainable alternatives.  

Some November 2020 awareness events:

16 – 22: National Wine Week

You could ask your followers about their favourite foodie pairings or live screen a zoom tasting.

18: Guinness World Records Day

You could share relevant word records e.g. the world’s heaviest potato…or attempt a world record!

19: International Men’s Day

You could promote local men’s groups or create a podcast featuring the men in your organisation.

23 – 29: British Game Week

You could produce a blog post about seasonality and food miles.

As long as you stay relevant and create engaging content, you can’t go too far wrong – and there really is an awareness day for everything!

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