Zoom Backgrounds – your new marketing tool

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Branded Zoom backgrounds – As we all get used to lockdown life, people are increasingly turning to video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx and Google Hangouts to stay in touch with our friends and colleagues.

Zoom, in particular, has seen a huge upsurge in popularity and is used for everything from conducting business meetings, online exercise classes to hosting virtual pub quizzes.

The downside to any video conference (apart from #lockdownhair!) is that you are giving viewers a peek into your personal life which for many people will mean working from a kitchen table or shared space. Even those lucky enough to have a dedicated home office might not necessarily wish to share that view with others.

Fortunately, Zoom comes with a variety of backgrounds which you can select in your Settings. These images and videos range from the Golden Gate Bridge, outer space or a tropical beach.

Zoom backgroundsAdditionally, you can add your own images and videos to reflect your personal tastes and interests. Football fans can opt to have Hampden or the Sportscene studio as a background, meditation teachers can create a calming look with a forest background and groups of friends can pretend they’re really in the same pub by choosing an image of their favourite bar as a Zoom background!

For an aesthetic look, consider using free images sites such as  or Unsplash

Zoom backgrounds will undoubtedly increase in popularity as people want to show their personality, get competitive, or just want something attractive or amusing in the background – which is why Zoom backgrounds make the perfect ‘tiny marketing’ tool for your business.

Rural businesses might wish to opt for a background showing the beautiful Scottish scenery.  Food producers and retailers could showcase their production room or product range.  Agricultural businesses could feature a video of contented livestock….the list is endless.

Remember to ensure your business logo is displayed prominently to the left or right, not the centre of the image.

If your branded Zoom background is likely to appeal to a wide audience, share it on your social media channels and invite people to download it.

Speak to Scene & Herd about creating the perfect Zoom background to showcase your rural business.


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