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Case Study: Milk Suppliers Association

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The Brief

The brief from the Milk Suppliers Association (MSA) focussed on a short-term, high level of press coverage centred on promoting the MSA, its local significance in Dumfries & Galloway, and its pioneering work to develop the dairy industry in Scotland.

The Strategy

In order to achieve what was outlined in the brief, the decision was to target largely regional press for increased local awareness of the group and its members, with a view to further cementing support from membership and demonstrating the breadth of activity undertaken by the association.

The MSA is very much a South West based group, so we wanted to make sure that we were promoting it to both those who might want to join the group, and also local consumers so they could learn more about the local dairy industry, and how they can support it.

We identified six opportunities for coverage, weaving key messages throughout in order to promote the MSA to potential members, as well as local consumers who might not know how they can support local farmers.

The Results


1. The Herald SME focus

Regular business feature in The Herald focussing on an entrepreneur/business owner. Rory Christie was featured on 28 January 2019.

2. D&G Life Magazine

Dumfries and Galloway Life is the region’s favourite award-winning magazine with news, features, homes and gardens, food and drink, arts and leisure, walking, wildlife, history and sport.
We wrote and submitted an article “D&G Dairy Farmers Taking Back Control and Giving Peace of Mind” to be published in the upcoming issue in April 2019.

3. Friends of The Scotsman

The Friends of The Scotsman piece is a daily article submitted by organisations and businesses looking at issues and topics relevant to them and to the readership.


4. Wigtown Free Press

Local newspaper.
We made contact and they expressed an interest to feature Rory and his work with the MSA, preferring to produce the piece themselves. They are due to contact Rory by phone for a direct interview and for a printed article in March 2019.

5. Galloway News

Local newspaper.
Rory Christie and the work of the MSA were featured in the Farming Supplement, February 2019

6. DnG24: Annadale Herald and Moffat News

Local newspaper.
Farming Round Up, interview with Rory, printed 4 January 2019

MSA Case Study

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