Five Secrets of Successful Podcasts

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At the time of writing (December 2020), Apple Podcasts hosts 1.68 million podcasts. The stats* show that 59% of these podcasts are currently active i.e. they’ve released a new episode in the previous 90 days. In other words, there are currently 990,000 active podcasts on Apple Podcasts alone.

Currently, podcasts are more popular than ever and our love affair with the spoken word is set to grow…but what makes a good podcast?

We took a look at some of the most popular UK food podcasts – which we’re happy to say includes OnFARM, the Rural Podcast** – and noted that they all had certain factors in common:


No matter how passionate you are about a subject, interesting, relevant guests are crucial to widening your podcast’s exposure to an engaged audience.

OnFARM podcast guests are not only experts in their respective fields – many have also chosen an unconventional path or have overcome unexpected challenges.

OnFARM episodes have included:


It’s often reported than most podcasts ‘podfade’ after seven episodes but it’s nearer the truth to say that a new podcast seldom goes on to produce a second episode

Anyone embarking on a new podcast must commit to producing new episodes frequently and regularly (OnFARM is published every Monday – you can always find the latest episodes at podfollow/onfarm). 


Aim to make your podcast episode around 35 or 40-minutes long. OnFARM listeners tell us that this is an ideal length to listen to whilst driving the tractor, in the lambing shed, out walking the dog etc!


Like our OnFARM podcast guests (and many of our listeners) the team behind OnFARM are farmers which is why you may hear livestock in the background of our episodes!

We were at the NFU Scotland Annual Conference and AGM, speaking to farmers from all over Scotland about the challenges and opportunities of working in the agricultural sector including seasonal workers, climate change, veganism and much more.

We understand the rural sector and we don’t shy away from difficult issues. OnFARM episodes have looked at the critical work of RSABI and the importance of succession planning.


There is a unique combination of expertise within the OnFARM team. Dave Howard, who records and edits content, has 20 years of experience with the BBC, making radio documentaries for Radio 4 and news programmes for Radio 1, among other things. Not only is he enormously technically competent, but he is also an experienced radio journalist. Episode hosts, Anna Davies & Ross Montague, have, at the helm of Scene & Herd, the Rural PR and Marketing Agency, spent the last 10 years telling Scotland’s rural stories.

Learn more about the benefits of commissioning or sponsoring an episode of OnFARM Podcast.

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** The first episode of series 2 of OnFARM podcast went straight to number 3 in the Food podcast charts – ahead of the likes of Nigel Slater and The Kitchen Cabinet!)

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