I wish I had….

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The four words I DO NOT want to be saying on my death bed.  After a few health scares among family members lately, and having read a book called ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ by Marie Forleo (highly recommend and see below for a few other recent book recommendations), I’ve been thinking quite a bit about making dreams come true. Holidays, work projects, personal goals, family time, making more money or whatever it is, I can’t think that anyone would want to be uttering any regrets during their last days on earth. Sure, we’re bound to have some, but I’d far rather mine were regretting things I’d done (don’t tell my mum about the time my friend and I accepted a lift from two complete strangers on Old Amersham High Street!) than things I WISH I had done.

Certainly when it comes to business (and, come to think of it, having children!), I think you always need to bite the bullet and do something BEFORE you feel completely ready. Give it a try, it might work. If it doesn’t, you will have learned something.

I certainly didn’t feel ready, back in January 2020, to launch a podcast. The commitment of putting out a new episode more or less every week was as scary as hell.  But we did it, and we don’t regret it. As Will Evans, of Rock and Roll Farming podcast fame, said last week in our OnFARM episode (, sometimes you can’t wait for someone else to do something for you, you just need to do it yourself.

Maybe you have been waiting until you feel ready to launch a new business, or a new product, maybe you’ve not yet grasped the social media nettle but know that you should, or maybe you know your website is terrible but you are scared of the process of creating a new one….perhaps now is the time to get started, even if you aren’t ready?!

(If you ARE ready for some extra bedtime reading tips – a mix of fiction and non –  here goes:

  • The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyle (definitely my ‘best read’ of 2020 and I still find myself thinking about it)
  • Foraging with Kids by Adele Nozedar (a great one to have ready for the summer holidays)
  • Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed (very relevant to what I’ve said above….. a look at the positive attitude to failure)

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