Is podcasting part of your marketing strategy yet?

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Perhaps you dismissed it because it sounds too hard, or you don’t have the time or technical knowledge?  Well, here’s the thing: you don’t actually have to do any of the hard work.

Your business or brand can support the vision and creativity of others in your sector by lending its name and financial backing to an existing podcast that already has a strong listenership.

The benefits to you? They can be enormous and long-lived.

  • Podcast listeners are famously loyal; they are part of that podcast’s community or following.
  • If their subject focus or niche dovetails with your brand, you have a direct route into the ears of the people most likely to be interested in what you do.
  • You can get time in each episode to tell those listeners about your offer. (Call this an advert if you like, but – done skillfully – it is no more obtrusive than a quiet acknowledgement from the programme’s trusted host.)
  • Moreover, their audience will be kindly disposed to you because your brand – and your money – means they get to keep their favourite podcast. It’s a genuine win-win.

Chances are if you are receiving this email, it’s because you work within the rural or food and drink sectors. So you might have heard of the OnFARM (Food, Agriculture and Rural Matters) podcast, created by Scene & Herd. If not, head over to to have a listen.

Published every week (during term time), we are THE rural podcast – a professionally produced magazine-style show intended to showcase all that’s great about rural Scotland (and beyond) and the people who live and work there.

Since we launched in January 2020, we have grown to sit within the top 10% (some episodes climb into the top 5%) of podcasts globally. Most newly launched podcasts cease production by around their 7th episode. We are now up to well over 70 episodes and still going (very) strong.

We know, both anecdotally and from download statistics, that OnFARM is a trusted voice for rural and farming communities, particularly in Scotland.

If you are a brand or business that shares our values and has an interest in reaching rural audiences, it is well worth considering partnering with us.

We have already done all the hard work of developing a format, launching a podcast, and growing a loyal audience.

At this stage, you get to sweep in and take your share of brand awareness and targeted messaging. Easy!  Best of all, people will continue to find your podcasts longer after they are published.

This kind of partnership will benefit your brand weeks, months, and even years down the line.

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