The Life of a Brand Ambassador

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Have you ever wondered just how many of the world’s food and drink brands use marketing to generate impact?

In many cases, particularly for those looking to reach out to students, recruiting Brand Ambassadors is a key strategy.  We recently spoke to Eleanor Allingham who has first hand experience of life as a Brand Ambassador for gin brand Sipsmith, and here she tell us all about it:

Sipsmith were the founders of the ‘Ginaissance’ –  challenging the historic and out-dated law originally set with an aim of ending the alcoholism of the 1700s.  Essentially this law was designed to stop small batch production of spirits but what it delivered in reality was a gin monopoly for much larger distillers.

Sam and Fairfax set out to change this law and introduce a craft gin movement.  In 2009 the law was changed and so Sipsmith became the first copper pot distillery in London for nearly 200 years.  This legalisation fuelled the massive boom in craft gin production which can now be seen across the country.  Sipsmith stick to a very traditional method of gin production, using copper stills, using the one shot method and traditional botanicals, making a spectacular gin.

Last year I was a Student Brand Ambassador for the company, so my job was to spread the story throughout Newcastle while I studied there.  The role fitted in perfectly with my work and was a really nice break from all my studies.  From selling to the general public at in-store tasting events to organising events for university societies where we sit them down to share the whole Sipsmith story over a lovely G&T.  Another of my main roles was to create a social media storm, by posting regular updates of all my Sipsmith activities.  Some of these activities included organising fabulous dinner parties and baking some spectacular cakes and I soon became known as ‘that gin girl who throws amazing dinner parties’.

Throughout my time being a part of the Sipsmith team I learnt a number of skills.  Firstly, I learnt an awful lot about gin and the drinks industry as well as how to work with people within it.  I also learnt how to be an ambassador, or what I seemed to be most of the time, an entertainer!  By the end of my year I had successfully shared the brand across the city and I was receiving regular messages about how people had seen me talk about it, gone and bought a bottle as a result and fallen in love with the gin.

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