OnFARM – an opportunity for your business to get involved with the rural podcast.

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Get your brand a podcast…without the hassle of making one

If you have a brand or business you want to promote, you’ve likely already considered podcasting.

You might have dismissed it because it sounds too hard, or you don’t have the time or technical knowledge.

Here’s the thing. You don’t actually have to do any of the hard work.

Your business or brand can support the vision and creativity of others by lending its name and financial backing to their podcast.

The benefits to you? They can be enormous and long-lived.

  • Podcast listeners are famously loyal; they are part of that podcast’s community or following.
  • If their subject focus or niche dovetails with your brand, you have a direct route into the ears of the people most likely to be interested in what you do.
  • You can get time in each episode to tell those listeners about your offer. (Call this an advert if you like, but – done skillfully – it is no more obtrusive than a quiet acknowledgement from the programme’s trusted host.)
  • Moreover, their audience will be kindly disposed to you because your brand – and your money – means they get to keep their favourite podcast.

Case study: OnFARM podcast

Scene & Herd PR and Marketing was created to promote rural and food and drink businesses and help them thrive. At the start of 2020, we launched OnFARM, the rural podcast, because we believe that the wonderful stories within Scotland’s countryside need a positive platform from which to be told and we want to do all we can to promote farming, agri-food and all rural enterprise.  We want to give rural areas, and people, a stronger voice and a new, modern, platform from which to share their inspiring stories.

You can listen to full episodes at

We were recently commissioned by RHASS and the Royal Highland Show to produce a series of podcasts and have also created episodes with, and for, NFU Scotland, RSABI, SAOS, The Batch Lady, Jim Smith, Doddie Weir, AgriScot, Norvite and more.

OnFARM is currently performing in the top 25% of global podcasts (measured on download numbers) and is much talked about (and listened to!) across rural Scotland.  We are very much on the side of rural Scotland.

Currently, OnFARM podcast is looking for sponsors that share our values and have an interest in reaching rural audiences, to put the rural podcast on a sustainable future footing.

Whether you wish to sponsor some episodes, commission us to create podcast content on your behalf or use us to provide training for your team, we can help you to use this increasingly popular platform to raise your profile whilst supporting rural Scotland at the same time.

The hard work of developing a format, launching a podcast, and growing a loyal audience has already been done!  You can sweep in and take your share of brand awareness and targeted messaging.

Best of all, people will continue to find your podcasts longer after they are published.

This kind of partnership will benefit your brand weeks, months, and even years down the line.

Scene & Herd itself can also provide a full range of PR and marketing services from branding and web development, to media relations and social media.

Do get in touch to discuss any of the above in further detail: 

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