We work with rural businesses about which we feel passionate.
We cover pretty much every possible sector within the rural landscape, oozing PR and marketing enthusiasm as we go!

Farming & Diversification

“Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds, it’s the production of food and fibre from the world’s land and waters. Without agriculture, it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilisation and any stable economy.” Allan Savory

Little wonder therefore that we get a buzz out of specialising in agricultural PR! The very fact that it underpins everything else in society is something that not enough people realise. We make it our mission to make sure that farming or diversified businesses can be just as well promoted, through insightful public relations and marketing, as those businesses based in the city.

Three of our consultants are farmers as well as rural PR experts and a further two have background working in the farming sector.  There is no other agency in the UK with that level of agricultural expertise.

Food & Drink

Whether it be coffee, gin, haggis or cheese, all food and drink originates from land or sea. However, there is far more to the food and drink chain than simply its production. That’s why our years of experience working with Scotland Food & Drink, the leadership body for the food and drink industry, mean that we understand the entire farm to fork journey and food and drink marketing is in our blood (as well as our stomachs!).

Agri Services

No rural enterprise would survive without those businesses working hard to support them. Accountants, lawyers, consultants, feed manufacturers, certification bodies and so many more, are fundamental to the farming sector. We understand both their needs and their own clients and are therefore best placed to offer strategic public relations and marketing in a targeted and insightful way.


With the Gardening Scotland event as a key client and a consultant with horticultural as well as public relations qualifications, we are perfectly placed to grow your business using our specialist communications skills. Consumer PR is a real specialism so whether you are looking to target city centre gardeners or gardening bloggers, we have the skills and contacts to help.

Renewable Energy

The conversation surrounding renewable energy is only going to increase over coming years and only a clear public relations and marketing strategy will enable any individual business to stand out from its competitors. Our contact list includes all the right journalists and we understand the target market, something which not many agencies truly do.


Hotels, self-catering accommodation, restaurants, or any other business serving the tourism sector, rely on public relations in order to stay in business. With the Scottish Inn of the Year as a key client, we understand what it takes to run a top-class country hotel and what PR strategies help to maintain that all-important reputation and profile within tourism channels.


With experience and understanding of horse ownership and the horsey world, Scene & Herd has recently expanded its services to cover the important equestrian sector. We understand the dynamics within Pony Club, Riding Clubs and larger national events, as well as the everyday horse rider.

We can make sure that you are reaching the tight knit equestrian community with your messages. Very few agencies have an understanding of equestrian PR, particularly in Scotland, so give us a call to learn more about how we could help demonstrate your horse power!

Country Sports, Lifestyle & Specialist Crafts

If your business is more concerned with lifestyle, indulgence or even practicality within the rural environment, you can be sure that someone within the Scene & Herd team will have experience of it! We just love getting involved in all aspects of countryside and lifestyle PR.

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