The UK’s only home-produced Birch Water – an invitation

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Visit the source of a unique product that ticks all the boxes from organic to pure, and from sustainable to environmentally beneficial.


Birken Tree are the only producers of homegrown Birch water in Scotland and the UK.

There are UK brands, but they all import their products and use a sterilisation process to provide at least 1-year shelf-life, often altering the taste, aroma and health benefits.

Birken Tree is different, in that they are the only producers of Scottish/UK Birch water, they only gently pasteurise their products to give them a 1-month shelf-life to avoid the sap fermenting, and thereby preserving nearly all the goodness.

Birken Tree also manage native Scottish Birch and promote the sustainability of this, have an authentic provenance and backstory and have a much lower carbon footprint than the imported versions. They also use wild Birch trees, and not plantations.


Scottish Birch Water

Scottish Birch Water

Birch water can only be tapped from the trees during one roughly three-week period in early to mid-March and so we invite you to witness this brief but significant annual event in Highland Perthshire!


Birch water has long been consumed in Scandinavia for its various health benefits, being rich in antioxidants and used to cleanse the liver, soothe arthritic pain, rejuvenate skin and balance cholesterol among other things.

Rob and Gabrielle are a husband and wife team whose combination of forester and healer have led them on a journey to revive the folk knowledge surrounding the use of Birch trees that was once widespread in the Highlands. Their combined knowledge of trees and their healing properties has resulted in the Birken Tree company, based in Perthshire in the foothills of the Highlands.

Always searching for ways to enhance their natural lifestyle, their ethos is to share the health potential of birch trees by harvesting their natural bounty.

Birken Tree aims to sustainably manage Birch woodland to ensure that future generations of trees are nurtured and will last for centuries to come.

Birch trees have been used for millennia in the Highlands, but their potential had been forgotten.

Birch was one of the sacred trees used since ancient times to purify and replenish. Highland folklore refers to Birch sap being used as a revitalising drink and purifier. The leaves were used for anti-inflammatory purposes and urinary tract healing. The bark was used for treating skin conditions and has anti-cancer properties.

We invite you to come and witness the tapping of the Birch trees during the tapping window in March. The process provides a fascinating insight into how this ancient tree is providing a modern, sustainable and delicious drink. Please get in touch with Scene & Herd who will be able to arrange a visit for you, whether that be to film, take photographs or meet with Rob and Gabrielle.


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