Why Commission or Sponsor a Podcast?

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The growth in UK podcast listening over the past 5 years has been extraordinary, making it an incredibly attractive medium-term ‘bet’ for any organisation’s marketing potential.

From a virtually non-existent base in 2015, 18% of British adults – over 10.1 million people – now listen to podcasts every week.

commission a podcastIncreasingly, organisations are finding podcasts to be a great value marketing tool with which to:

  • Boost digital media: Podcast episodes are original, engaging content which can be used across all social media platforms, blogs and newsletters.

  • Expand existing networks: Key Opinion Leaders and industry influencers are more likely to accept an invitation to be a guest on a relevant podcast than they are to have a conventional meeting.

  • Establish expertise in a particular sector:  The involvement of industry experts onto a podcast, brands can secure an organisation’s position as a trusted expert within their field of expertise.

  • Strengthen customer relationship: podcasts offer a different, intimate experience in a way that press releases and social media cannot. Customers can enjoy podcast content while they commute, take part in leisure pursuits or while undertaking household chores.

Learn more about the benefits of commissioning or sponsoring an episode of OnFARM Podcast.

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