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Celebrating the Humble Scottish Tattie on ‘Wake Up To Organic’ Day!

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Scottish organic potato farmer John Skea, and his family, enjoyed a breakfast of organic tattie scones this week, as part of a series of ‘Wake Up To Organic’ events, aimed at showing how easy it is to switch to an organic breakfast.


Showcasing the wonderful variety of organic produce that farmers and producers in Scotland have on offer, the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) are supporting the Organic Trade Board (OTB)’s Wake Up To Organic Day on Wednesday 12th June.


Scotland’s organic farmers, processors and producers are able to grow and create a wonderful range of organic food and drink from staples like oats, milk, flour, vegetables, fruit and meat to cheese, ice-cream, chocolate, craft beers, whisky and more.


These dedicated farmers and producers are ready and waiting to serve up quality organic produce to the nation and are now asking the public if they are ready to embrace organic too.


Organic produce offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Better for nature: organic farming works with the environment as it uses no artificial chemicals. It’s a way of farming that protects and encourages wildlife while looking after the health of the soil.

  • Better for the planet: organic farms use fewer pesticides and support up to 50% more wildlife.

  • Better for animal welfare: organic means free-range and grass-fed. Organic standards insist that animals are given plenty of space and fresh air to thrive and grow more naturally.

  • Know what’s in your food: when it comes to organic, you know exactly what’s in your food. GM crops and ingredients are banned in organic farming.

SOPA Member John Skea, who produces organic beef, lamb, potatoes and other vegetables on his Angus farm, enjoyed a delicious breakfast of tattie scones with his family on the farm yesterday (Monday).

Other SOPA members are taking part, including Breadshare Community Bakery who have shops in both Leith and Portobello and New Leaf Co-op in Newington.

Across Scotland, more than 50 independent shops will also be hosting events and dishing up free organic mini breakfasts as part of their Wake Up To Organic events.

Scottish Organic

Organic farmer John Skea and his family enjoyed an organic breakfast of tattie scones (made using homegrown tatties!) on his farm in Angus this week in celebration of Wake Up to Organic Day which takes place on Wednesday 12th June. (left to right) Iona (age 7), John, Suse and Innes (age 10) Skea. Are you ready to Wake Up To Organic?

Debs Roberts of SOPA, said:


Events like Wake Up To Organic are so important for our industry. It’s fantastic to see people coming together to promote independent shops and cafes, as well as the brilliant organic producers from around the country.


She continued:


This is a delicious, fun campaign celebrating the wonderful variety of organic food our members produce across Scotland and the UK. We’re making it easier to include organic food as a tasty choice for breakfast”


To find out more about events going on near you, please visit


Please support the Wake Up To Organic events by using #wakeuptoorganic on social media. If you fancy organic tattie scones for breakfast this week, Suse Skea has shared her recipe with us:


1lb floury organic potatoes

½ tsp salt

2 oz organic butter

4 oz organic self-raising flour


Mash the potatoes and mix with the salt, butter and flour until it produces a stiff mixture.

Turn the mixture onto a floured surface, knead lightly and then roll out to a thickness of approximately 1 cm.

Cut into triangles and cook on a griddle for between 4 and 5 minutes on each side.

Serve with butter or as part of a cooked breakfast!



Notes for Editors:

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  • The Scottish Organic Producers Association is the UK’s oldest membership-based not for profit organic co-operative, governed by a board of directors, all of whom are rooted in the organic industry in Scotland.

  • SOPA holds the only Scottish-based Defra and EU approved organic standards for farmers, growers and processors.

  • SOPA has more than 300 members throughout the UK.

  • SOPA certifies more than two-thirds of Scotland’s organic farmers.

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