Scottish Flower Growers

Upon the recommendation of existing Scene & Herd client SAOS, we were asked to work with the Scottish Flower Growers group who have come together to develop a collaborative approach to their marketing and create a brand which represents them as a collective.  

The group is made up of growers, large and small, of daffodils, peonies, dahlias and other flowers, with a joint mission to raise the profile of the domestic industry and reduce the market's dependence on importing flowers from abroad.

Scotland’s climate lends itself to growing flowers – with high-quality soil and fewer pests and less disease – yet 90 per cent of cut flowers sold in Britain are imported, grown mostly in Africa and shipped here via Holland.

In an attempt to raise the collective voice of commercial growing in Scotland, 12 cut flower growers from Aberdeenshire to Ayrshire came together to form a new group to promote this little-known sector and call on shoppers to support ‘grown over flown’.

Scene & Herd worked with SAOS and members of the flower growers group to create a visual brand, and associated brand guidelines, which could tell the group’s story and highlight their provenance as well as their vibrancy. The brand will be used on the group’s web and social media presence, as well as on packaging and other promotional and marketing materials.

“The team at Scene & Herd were great to work with and took on the challenge with enthusiasm and patience and helped us create a brand marque that is now being used across social media, on a branded vehicle and by the growers in their retail operations.”

Amanda Brown, SAOS
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