Be Herd

Some weeks, over 1500 people listen to a newly broadcast OnFARM podcast episode. That puts us in the top 2 per cent of podcasts globally.  Last week, we broadcast a particularly moving episode, in memory of farmer Grant Brand who took his own life earlier this year. It was emotional and heartbreaking, but an important listen – and many many people did listen.

As well as a way to communicate important stories and messages, listening to the podcast is a great way of hearing stories and experiences from other business owners, and great for picking up really valuable tips on diversification, farming, people management and so much more.

If you could pick one topic for us to cover or one person for us to interview on the podcast, what would it be? Let us know.  We have a number of episodes planned but also a number of weeks before Christmas where we can tailor content according to what our listeners want. We’d love to hear from YOU.

While you are here, can you tell us what online training you would find helpful?  On 1 November we’ll be launching the OnFARM Academy – Online training: Carefully designed and specifically rural

Born out of a recognition that not all in-person training is geographically accessible, that not all businesses and organisations can afford personalised bespoke training and that current online training is not tailored towards rural business, the OnFARM Academy is designed by rural business, for rural business.

Over recent months, the Scene & Herd team has been privileged to deliver online training for organisations such as Scottish Land and Estates, The Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs, SAOS, Opportunity North East and more.  We have now turned our attention to making the expertise that we share more accessible to all. We are excited to share our knowledge and watch rural business people upskill from the comfort of their own desks.

Run online, on a tailored delivery platform, the OnFARM Academy will commence with a series of communications-related short training courses/workshops, specifically tailored to those who own or work in, rural businesses. Launching with a handful of courses, over weeks, months and years, we plan to build up a bank of many dozen courses covering all aspects of communications and beyond. So, please tell us about the skills gap within your team and we’ll see if we can fill that gap with a course in the OnFARM Academy.  Simple!  Just email with your suggestions.

Meantime, have a great week!!