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Rural Britain is a wonderful assortment of farms, estates, hamlets, villages, forests and moors, lochs and valleys. Our stunning scenery, close communities and wonderful rural businesses provide an idyllic lifestyle for many, but rural life can also throw up some pretty unique challenges.

The Rural Scene (the Scene & Herd rural blog and news updates) looks at what’s new, what’s relevant, what’s tasty, what’s fun and what’s challenging about life in the Great British Countryside. We offer an insider insight into rural Britain, highlighting some of the exceptional people, businesses and innovations we believe that everybody should know about.

Monty - an update

Those of you who know him may already know that Ross (Monty) Montague, co-director, essential cog and tenacious terrier within Scene & Herd is currently somewhat under the weather.


OnFARM Podcast: "No fungi, no us": fungi expert Neville Kilkenny

A teaspoon of healthy soil can contain up to 6 miles of fungus - if stretched out end-to-end. That's just one of the fascinating fungi facts shared in this episode - as Anna goes foraging with East Lothian mycologist Neville Kilkenny.



A friend who had been searching online for tips in putting together some promotional material messaged to ask “What on earth is a CTA?”. Here is what I told them...


OnFARM Podcast: Anna and Dave interviewed by the Radio Academy podcast

Behind-the-scenes insight, as Anna and producer Dave chat with Hayley Hayes, host of the Radio Academy podcast, about the making on OnFARM.


Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards Review – please share your views with us

Scene & Herd has been asked to undertake a strategic review of the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards. If you have ever had any involvement in the awards, or even if you just have an opinion to share, we’d be very grateful if you would complete our survey