The Top 3 PR Questions We Get Asked – And The Answers!

We get asked many questions both before and during our work with clients and we thought it might be useful to share some of the answers with you!

Q:  Does my business really need a logo?

A:  If your business has any involvement with the public then yes, it does. If you deal only with buyers or merchants then it’s less important.  However, even if not selling to the public, a logo and brand can be very useful in terms of cementing your reputation and helping you with recruitment or customer understanding. It cements credibility and allows you to have a stronger and more recognisable presence on social media on via your own website.   But please don’t just head onto Canva yourself and create a logo!  A brand is about so much more than just design, it’s about making sure that every ethos of your business is represented consistently in terms of behaviour and visual presence. So whilst branding is about so much more than a logo, that’s often where it starts. A ‘homemade’ logo might give people the impression that your business isn’t professional.

Q:  Which social media platform is best for my business?

A:  That really depends.  What you need to do first is write down who your ideal customer (customer avatar) is (where do they live? how old are they? where do they spend their money?) and work out where they ‘hang out’ in terms of social media.  To do this you will also need to check out the demographics of each of the social media platforms.  TikTok tends to be a much younger age group than, for example, Facebook.  Twitter is great if you are dealing with other businesses and less so with the general public. Instagram is perfect for product-based businesses which are very visual in nature.  We have some training coming soon in our OnFARM Academy which will help you to understand the various platforms better but meantime, your own research can take you quite far in terms of matching up your audience (customers) with the right social media platform. Let us know if you have any questions.

Q:  Should I be entering business awards?

A:  YES! The PR that being shortlisted, or winning, awards can offer is invaluable – as long as you choose the right awards and make the most of your success.  Entry forms can be time-consuming and overwhelming but taking time out to complete them ( remember that you can ask for our help if you need it!) is worthwhile. You won’t win every time, but just one win can really put you on the map and get people talking about you.  Awareness is so important in business growth and so free PR for award wins should never be underestimated. Remember though that awards organisers are busy, they can’t do your PR for you. They might announce your win but you need to take the bull by the horns and tell people about it for it to have maximum effect.

Get in touch if you think we can help with any of the topics raised in this Q&A.