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Connage Highland Dairy

Scene & Herd has worked with the delightful Jill and Callum from Connage Highland Dairy since 2009. We work to promote their shop, as well as online sales. We’ve had a number of successes for Connage over the years, overseeing a rebrand and new website, running successful local and national media campaigns, securing features in national glossy lifestyle magazines and more.

However, 2021 was a particularly memorable year, with social media really coming to the fore and driving their local customer base to a whole new level.

Connage opened a new venture, the Connage Express - vending machines which sell a range of products, including fresh organic milk and ‘make your’ own milkshakes.

Social media engagement with this great idea simply went crazy! So many people from the local area read about the milkshakes and headed down to try them out, that both milk and the glass bottles ran out in the first week. Thankfully the girls made more milk and a new batch of bottles was delivered!

Facebook posts promoting the Connage Express were garnering hundreds of comments and many thousands of views within just an hour of going live and were responsible for driving over 80 per cent of visits and sales at the vending machines.

Aside from the fact that the volume of customers has thoroughly exhausted Callum and Jill, this small PR exercise was an enormous success!

“Thank you! We really couldn’t manage without Scene & Herd”

Jill & Callum
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