RHASS (The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland)

As the pandemic hit in spring 2020, and we all heard the devastating news that The Royal Highland Show would be cancelled, RHASS got in touch with us to ask how podcasting could help them to communicate with their membership and their visitors.

Realising that that OnFARM podcast could reach a wide audience, RHASS commissioned a series of 14 episodes, broadcast weekly across the summer months of 2020.  Throughout the series, we covered almost every aspect of The Royal Highland Show, including equestrianism, livestock, shopping, history, heritage, trophies, food and drink, business and everything in between.

We were able to speak to Highland Show regulars, Highland Show newbies, farmers, members of the public, food producers, children and many more, about what this world famous show means to them. The series was both meaningful and, at times, emotional.

Each episode of the RHASS podcast series fell within the top 10 per cent of podcasts globally, based on download numbers.  At the same time, feedback from listeners was enormously positive and the series further cemented RHASS's position within rural Scotland as a philanthropic and supportive organisation focused on helping Scottish rural industry, and its people, to thrive.

Fast forward to 2024 and we are excited to be working with RHASS once again.  They are celebrating 240 Years of Stories as part of their 240th anniversary and we, within our OnRECORD initiative, are working to create a number of audio stories with heroes, both sung and unsung, from across Scottish agriculture. Watch this space!

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