Branding & Website

The Dourie Farming Company

Rory and Gregor Christie, who own and run the Dourie Farming Company, are significant employers in their local area near Newton Stewart. They offer particularly favourable working environments and shift patterns in their dairy and pig enterprises and need a large workforce to ensure that they maintain their efficiency and strong reputation.

Rory commissioned Scene & Herd to build the business a brand new website so that it could showcase the various aspects of the business and ensure that potential employees, as well as those businesses that Dourie supplies into, had a good understand of the ethos of how it operates.

Additionally, Scene & Herd manages the Dourie Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as any media relations, again as part of a wider strategy to ensure that staff and stakeholders have a clear understanding of the business and what it stands for.

“Scene & Herd have brought us an edge of professionalism rarely seen in agriculture. They help us convey the messages that our business must deliver to stay relevant in what has become one of the fastest changing industries."

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